• Lera Veres

    Lera Veres

    I might be good at this writing thing someday.

  • Elsayed ZAABOUT

    Elsayed ZAABOUT

    MSc in biotechnology, some diplomas in philosophy, marketing, martial arts. Currently, I am a graduate research assistant at Baylor College of medicine.

  • Tawfink Adam

    Tawfink Adam

  • Katherine Williams

    Katherine Williams

  • Maríì SantOs

    Maríì SantOs

  • Dominic Savio

    Dominic Savio

    think, create, improve

  • Maria Karanasou

    Maria Karanasou

    A mom and a Software Engineer who loves to learn new things & all about ML & Big Data. Buy me a coffee to help me keep going buymeacoffee.com/mkaranasou

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